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Feline Health Care

At Shiloh Veterinary Hospital, our feline wellness care is designed to provide comprehensive long-term, life-stage veterinary care for your cat, from kitten-hood through his or her senior years.   From vaccines and flea-tick prevention, to general health care, diagnostics and surgery when needed, we provide all of the health care your cat may need.  Regardless of your cat’s age or existing medical conditions, we can provide advanced veterinary care to give you peace of mind that your cat will enjoy a long and healthy life! 

As advocates of preventative health care, we recommend that we see your cat at least annually for a comprehensive wellness exam.  At your cat’s annual exam, we will provide tailored vaccinations and helpful pointers on home care that will keep your cat healthy, happy, and protected against preventable illnesses. 

Our annual feline wellness exam includes:

  • Comprehensive wellness
  • Dental exam
  • Weight and nutritional needs assessment
  • Vaccine programs based on your cat’s lifestyle, including FVRCP, FELV, Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Blood Test
  • Fecal Analysis/Internal Parasite Test
  • Yearly Deworming
  • Toenail Clipping
  • Internal parasite testing and prevention
  • Microchipping if needed

Additional wellness cat care includes:

  • Professional dental cleanings when needed
  • Specialized care for your senior cat, including bi-annual wellness exams, to detect changing health conditions early
  • Diagnostic testing should we need additional information to diagnose your cat’s illness
  • General medicine services and a collaborative approach to diagnosing and managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney and liver disorders
  • Dermatology care for conditions such as allergies and chronic ear infections
  • Prescription foods for medical conditions
  • Health certificates, both domestic and international

Our Vaccine Philosophy
Vaccines are important in preventing serious disease in cats.  Our philosophy is to design a personalized vaccine protocol for each dog, maximizing protection against the diseases your dog is likely to be exposed to.   Our current vaccine recommendations are based on up-to-date research and the incidence of disease in our area. 

Please give us a call today to schedule your cat’s wellness exam.