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Pet Nutrition & Diet

The food and treats you feed your pet are essential to their health, vitality and longevity.   We also know the decision on what to feed and treat grows more difficult each day.  There are so many choices available to the pet food consumer.  Unfortunately, the majority of the marketing of some products is geared towards our human interests rather than what may actually be best for your pet.  Please talk to us about the nutritional needs of your pet, especially if you are considering switching your pet’s food.

Keep your Pet at a Healthy Weight!

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is an important part of your pet’s health and vitality.  A pet that is overweight or underweight may be experiencing an illness and may be more susceptible to disease and injury.  Obesity is a complicating factor in heart conditions, arthritis, liver conditions and other ailments.

We offer free weight and nutritional counseling for your pet and can discuss with you the proper food and exercise regime that would best suit your pet’s age and health.  During your pet’s consultation, we will evaluate your pet’s body condition.  We utilize the following guideline in determining your pet’s score: