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Canine Health Care

Wellness care is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy. Wellness care includes physical exams, customized vaccination schedules reflecting your pet’s breed, lifestyle and individual needs, proper food/nutrition evaluation and disease screening for conditions such as heartworm disease, giardia and other types of intestinal diseases. At Shiloh Veterinary Hospital, our canine wellness care is designed to provide comprehensive long-term, life-stage veterinary care for your dog, from puppyhood through his or her senior years.

As advocates of preventative health care, we recommend that we see your canine at least annually for a comprehensive wellness exam. Many dogs can be very sneaky about hiding signs that something is painful or wrong. Early detection can improve the health of your canine, keep medical costs down, and help your dog live a longer, fuller life. Dogs age much faster than humans, so it is even more important to bring your dog in for regular check-ups. Keep in mind that the risks of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, hormone disorders, arthritis, and kidney and liver issues can all increase as your canine gets older.

Eye exams are also important for breed specific eye diseases. If you have a breed that is prone to eye conditions, we will discuss these conditions with you and help educate you about the condition and work as a team with you for the best treatment for your pet.

During your visit with us the veterinarian will perform a physical assessment of your canine, checking your dog from top to bottom. We will access any questions about weight and nutritional needs of your dog. The veterinarian will determine and make sure your canine receives the appropriate vaccinations and preventions. A diagnostic workup may be recommended for your pet. Some of the diagnostic testing we offer is bloodwork, internal parasite testing, heartworm, thyroid/kidney bloodwork panels, urinalysis, yearly deworming, and microchipping if needed.

The other services we recommend for your canine are:

Our Vaccine Philosophy

Vaccines are important in preventing serious disease in dogs. Our philosophy is to design a personalized vaccine protocol for each dog, maximizing protection against the diseases your dog is likely to be exposed to. Our current vaccine recommendations are based on up-to-date research and the incidence of disease in our area.

Please give us a call today to schedule your dog’s wellness exam. If you have any questions, we will happy to help you! 770-426-6900.

*Please note that if you need an estimate regarding any prices, we can give you one prior to your exam upon request*