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Pet Diagnostic Services

Shiloh Veterinary Hospital Has Digital X-Rays and Advanced Diagnostic Equipment to aid us in diagnosing any condition your pet may be experiencing, including:

Digital X-ray

Digital X-rays are very useful for diagnosing medical problems. If we feel a lump or mass in your pet's abdomen, an X-ray can determine where the mass is located and can very often pinpoint the organ where the problem is occurring. A mass or foreign object in the stomach is often easily seen in an X-ray. If your pet is vomiting, an X-ray can reveal whether your pet has eaten string, stocks or a large part of his/her toy. Digital X-rays provide us with fast results and a more enhanced image than traditional X-rays and help us evaluate skeletal, cardiopulmonary or chest x-ray, abdominal, reproductive, and urinary systems. It is the perfect tool for OFA x-rays of the hips and elbows. With digital X-ray, we can see small bones on small animals very easily. Digital radiology is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals to contaminate water systems and it decreases radiation exposure to your pet as images can be manipulated via a computer.


Some diagnoses of certain dog and cat health conditions need the use of a veterinary ultrasound machine. Ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive and safe tool allowing visualization of tissues not otherwise possible. It produces an image through high frequency sound waves aimed at a certain area of the body. As the sound waves travel into the body they return images of the internal organs. Since ultrasounds return results in real time, we can see how the organs are moving and how blood is flowing through the dog or cat at the time of the procedure.

Common uses of ultrasound diagnostics include evaluations of the heart, called an echocardiogram, checking for bladder stones, pregnancy evaluation, masses in the abdomen, and liver problems. The ultrasound can also be used to biopsy masses in the abdomen or actual organs. Both Dr. Davis and Dr. Baird have received additional education in ultrasound diagnostics.

In-house Lab

We have an in-house state of the art laboratory for diagnostic testing which gives us test results right away. We can run complete blood chemistry panels, blood tests for heartworm and tick borne diseases, urinalysis to check for kidney and bladder health, and fecal analysis for the presence of parasites and giardia. We are able to share the results of these tests with you in a few minutes and can respond immediately if treatment is needed.