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Senior Pet Care

We love your aging furry family members and want their senior years to be as healthy and happy as possible. Just like humans, advancements in medical care are giving dogs and cats a longer, healthier life. As your pet reaches their golden years, there are a variety of conditions and diseases that they can face, including:

Just as the health care needs of humans change as we age, the same applies to pets.
We recommend twice yearly senior wellness exams so together we may monitor your senior pet’s health. Our goal is to detect, diagnose, and treat any medical conditions before they progress into serious problems and negatively affect your pet’s quality of life. When you have a senior pet, it’s critical for you to work closely with us to devise a health plan that is best for your pet.

Our bi-annual senior canine wellness exam includes:

Talk to us today about how to keep your senior pet at his healthy best.